I create humorous, engaging and memorable wellness trainings. Topics include physician wellness, the wellbeing of healthcare professionals, compassion as a tool to battle burnout, medical improv, healing the culture of healthcare, rock climbing for skills building in medicine and how to sell wellness. I present to and consult with healthcare organizations, professional groups, and corporations. I have a passion for promoting physician wellness.

I am a health psychologist with almost twenty years of experience working with physicians and medical staff in many different settings and specialties, and am currently the VP of Therapy Services for Advocate Aurora Behavioral Health Services. Previously as Director of Well-being for Academic Affairs at Advocate Aurora Health, I educated medical providers and developed programs to improve physician engagement and satisfaction across the system.

I do not:

  • Deliver serious information in a formal way
  • Use slides full of words
  • Keep people sitting and passively consuming information

Oh!  You’re still here.  Spectacular!  

 I’m happy to help but let’s get some things straight.  

  • I may make your audience laugh (a lot) and then they might cry too.  
  • They may leave with big ideas and practical suggestions to implement those ideas.  
  • They may watch videos and see colorful pictures (some of my super adorable children).  
  • They will likely be asked to stand up, move around and talk to strangers.

My passion is Physician Health.  I am frequently asked to speak to other medical providers too. Some popular topics include:

  • Thriving in Medicine
  • Healing the Culture of Healthcare
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective Clinical and Interpersonal Communication.  
  • Medical Improv
  • Making Meaning out of Difficult Times

I have had the pleasure of working with:

  • Healthcare Organizations
  • State and National Professional Organizations
  • State Health Departments
  • Federal Agencies
  • Corporations
  • The National Association of Professional Magicians (Just kidding)

In response to my colleagues challenges and concerns, I launched My mission is to provide affordable and evidenced-based tools to help healthcare providers “Give a Skill, Not a Pill.”   I am really interested in improving the effectiveness and enjoyment of the interaction between provider and patient. I also wrote “Well to Do: A Guide to Take Charge, Set Goals and Improve Your Health” available on

It might help to know a little about the kind of person I am.  I love yoga and I’m a certified yoga instructor which is a nice addition to my conference offerings. I love speaking Spanish which I consider a hobby related to my greatest passion which is travel. I really enjoy hosting parties, socializing, cooking, gardening, scuba diving, reading, community service and family time with my husband, daughter, and son.  I have a fur baby named Sunny who is the cutest puppy on the planet (so sorry if you thought your puppy was the cutest).

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better.  I think making a personal connection is important to build trust and engagement. To explore more objective measures of my credibility, take a look at my LinkedIn Profile.