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I teach professionals how to
harness the pillars of

Interpersonal Wellness
to create mentally healthy workplaces.

Control the Things You Can


We can control two things, how we treat ourselves and how we treat others. If you can take more active control of that, you have the keys to improving your experience of almost everything. I teach leaders and teams to foster a mentally healthy workplace where people move from quiet quitting to being fully engaged and present with each other and their work.

I Help People Stop Time

By learning to slow responses down long enough to communicate carefully rather than reacting mindlessly:

  • Companies can create cultures that support authentic connection.

  • Leaders can foster supportive, flexible and safe environments.

  • Employees can engage in practices that improve engagement and customer experience.

Get Immediate Results


The skills I teach are very memorable, practical, and relatable.

My presentations are educational, inspirational, and entertaining but most all, people leave saying “I can do that! This isn’t so difficult or complicated.”

Interpersonal Wellness

Interpersonal wellness is based on the idea that the quality of our connection and interaction with others has the power to transform.

Mentally Healthy Workplaces

  • Everyone feels respected, supported and free to share concerns and distress.

  • Risks to mental health are reduced.

  • Differences are celebrated.

  • “Cultural Contribution” over “Cultural Fit”


I have heard nothing but great feedback from employees since your presentation. They loved the entire presentation and are feeling inspired by it. A few employees told me this morning that they consciously made changes to their mindset or lifestyle this weekend based on your tips.

Amber Wendorf, Wellness Coordinator, Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative

About Nicole

As a health psychologist, I spent the last 20 years treating patients who were learning to cope with life changing illnesses and injuries including cancer, spinal cord injuries and those facing death. While working at the side of my fellow healthcare professionals, I realized that the physicians, nurses, therapist and support staff also needed care and support. Through trainings, workshops, books, educational websites and coaching, I aimed to provide resources to my colleagues. Through this work, I have developed highly effective strategies and tools to re-engage professionals in their work.

I was honored when asked to create a position for a large healthcare organization as the Director of Wellbeing and given the opportunity to support the professional growth of our physicians in training. I later served as the VP of Therapy Services and led innovations in education, research, technology and therapy skills for our mental health services. From front-line medical work to the executive level, I have seen the power of Interpersonal Wellness. The way we connect with and work with each other is a key component of a mentally healthy workplace.

Using improv games, story telling and humor, I bring memorable, practical and relatable tools delivered in unique and engaging ways. My presentations feel like a comfortable mix of therapy session, comedy and a conversation with a trusted friend. I look forward to teaching you more about the power of Interpersonal Wellness and how it can make work more creative, effective and enjoyable.

For more about my professional experience, take a look at my LinkedIn profile.


Nicole's Talks

“Think Fast Work Well: Training Professionals to Communicate Effectively and Deliver Top-Rated Customer Experience”

I teach professionals to harness the power of improv so they can connect meaningfully with their customers and teams. With these skills, they will earn top scores for customer experience while increasing engagement and satisfaction in their work.

This is a highly interactive presentation based on improvisational exercises.  Each exercise simulates challenges and scenarios in real life and the debriefing illustrates how we can translate these skills to professional "scenes".  The participants will learn strategies and practical tools to improve communication, teamwork and emotional intelligence. It is very fun and entertaining while emphasizing very powerful medical skill sets.

“Nicole is a gifted speaker, creative thinker, and skilled teacher and facilitator. She understands that true learning is an active process, and designs her workshops to maximize participant engagement and growth. She does this with a disarming sense of humor and wonderful warmth. She’s the ‘real deal’.”

Mark Greenawald, MD, Conference Chair, American Academy of Family Physicians


“From Quiet Quitting to Showing Up Loudly: Cultivating the Practice of Connecting to Your Purpose”

Let’s move from “quiet quitting” to “showing up loudly and boldly” at work. A discipline of contemplative practice provides self-awareness and can center you in your work. A dedication to contemplative practice ensures that you remain present, insightful, and concentrated on your purpose and your people. This presentation will explore the reasons reconnecting to your purpose can improve your professional and overall well-being. We will explore multiple ways to cultivate “everyday mindfulness” and integrate it into your day. We will practice multiple techniques that foster a sense of connectedness and affiliation.


“Our team is abuzz at how relatable and heartfelt your presentation was. Our attendees are also gushing about their experience to some of our staff. Thank you again for the unique presentation. You are such a gifted speaker.”

Zepporah Fuller, MHA,ED., CPHQ
Director of Technical Assistance, National Council of Urban Indian Health

“Telling Tales: Stories That Can Transform Your Work Life”

Learn some pillars of a healthy work life and how to use them. In this unique and moving presentation, we will explore children’s books that illustrate these pillars and spark your imagination. You will be inspired to take simple but effective steps that will improve your mood, your work environment and your interactions with those around you.

“The session was my favorite to remind me of compassion as well as showing me a new approach - children’s books!”

“Nicole Eull made me feel good about my life, what I am doing now.”

“Dr. Eull set the stage for our long conference day by emphasizing the positive, changing the way we think about others and assuming the best.”

Participant Comments
Hawaii Health Workforce Summit 2020, Virtual Keynote

IMGP1151 copy.jpg

Nicole's Testimonials


Nicole’s improv session at our annual company retreat was insightful, valuable, and interactive. Nicole shared information that all team members in our diverse audience could grasp and take away. The message was clear, her style was professional and informative while at the same time being entertaining. I hope to work with Nicole again in the future.

Azeb Shifaraw-Clyburn, VP People and Culture, NowSecure 


Nicole Eull, as a speaker and consultant, speaks in a way that you want to listen and she listens in a way that you want to speak to her. She captivated our audience with her wit and sincerity and then inspired us to learn and make a difference.

Jessica Raddemann, CHES
Executive Director | Wellness Council of Wisconsin |WELCOA Faculty

Nicole Eull is an incredible resource in our community, especially regarding physician and resident well-being. Our group is a mix of skeptics and believers regarding the importance of these ‘soft skills’ of medicine, and I can honestly say she converted many of the skeptics during that session. I would highly recommend this to any group looking to connect with each other!”

Alicia Pilarski, D.O.
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin

Alicia Pilarski_Academic Profile.jpg

We bring in a few speakers every year for the students at our university, and Dr Eull’s presentation was the best we’ve had in a long while. The content presented was great, with lots of ideas for students to try out – and it was presented in a fun and engaging manner to keep students interested. Dr Eull was easy to work with and open to tailoring the content towards our population, which was very appreciated.

Rachel Vohnoutka, LPC SAC
Therapist – Walter Young Center, Carroll University

Past Clients

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